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Lunar regolith XRD dataset

Last Revision Date: May 22, 2023
Published Date: May 8, 2020
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Image credit: Taylor et al. (2019)

Dataset containing X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) patterns and Rietveld refinement of mineralogy of 118 lunar regolith samples (<150 mm size fraction) from all landed Apollo missions. This dataset includes the 2-D images recorded with each analysis (the powder pattern), raw XRD 2θ data (tabular and plotted) for each run, and the average mineral and glass abundances, reported both with the glass modal abundance and on a glass-free basis. X-ray diffraction patterns have been collected using a portable Terra field XRD instrument, with a direct detection CCD, a 30kV 10W Co X-ray source with Kv filter, and a sample holder with a piezoelectric vibration system that places the sample in motion during the analysis, allowing coarser-grained materials to be analyzed, and reducing preferred orientation effects.

File or URL Description/Data Usage File Size Date Dataset in the ODR platform. May 22, 2023
Taylor_et_al_2019.pdf Manustript Taylor et al., 2019 2.21 MB Feb 18, 2022
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DOI Description Modal analyses of lunar soils by quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis
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Dataset: Blake, D; Gillis-Davis, J; Lucey, P; Martel, L; Sarrazin, P; Taylor, G. Lunar regolith XRD dataset. Astrobiology Habitable Environment Database. Retrieved Date: Feb 24, 2024.
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